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Laura Jackson Loo

Messaging & Business Strategist

Our Messaging Strategist Services help you transform overwhelm into powerful, compelling, and converting messaging.

  • As an entrepreneur or leader, have you wrestled with how to get your expertise out into the world?
  • Have you struggled with how to translate all your gifts into a program or service that immediately grabs the attention of your target audience?
  • Have you invested tons of time, money, and energy into numerous training programs, but you’re still not struggling to attract clients and generate the level of income you’d like?
  • Are you a speaker who would love to know how to deliver your message powerfully, with impact, and in a way that’s memorable AND creates clients?
  • Are you a current or aspiring author who loves writing but needs editing and other help in the publishing process?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions,
you’ve come to the right place!

Your Messaging is the Heart of Your Business

What we often find with clients is when their marketing isn’t working, the challenges are really in their messaging, not their marketing.

Your messaging drives your entire business. Until it’s clear, your potential clients won’t see you, recognize you, or know how you can help them. 

When you have developed messaging that’s clear, aligned, and succinct, you’ll have the confidence to share what you do, with anyone, in any situation.

Your messaging is the heart of your business. Once you master how to clarify, sharpen, and deliver it in a clear, concise, and laser-focused way, you’ll be perfectly positioned to reach your ideal audience, attract new clients, and create a greater impact.

Then you will be able to:

  • Better serve your current customers
  • Define your expertise, products, services, and programs with crystal clarity
  • More easily attract your ideal clients
  • Connect with potential collaborators and partners
  • Identify potential new revenue stream opportunities
  • Expand your reach
  • Grow your income and your business!

Messaging Solutions for our Clients

We have served clients with a wide variety of messaging solutions. Imagine that you can: 
  • Define who you are, accurately convey your expertise, and align it with your target audience with crystal clarity 
  • Formulate a powerful one-sentence introduction that contains the 4 integral elements for grabbing a potential client’s attention, where they want to learn more
  • Craft high-converting email copy with attention-grabbing headlines
  • Develop website content that is compelling and reflects your offerings that speaks directly to your ideal audience, i.e., it says, “Yes, that’s me,” and they can’t resist your program or offer!
  • Create branding identity through your core business messaging
  • Compose powerful and aligned titles and bylines for your programs, talks,  webinars, and trainings
  • Shape content for compelling salespages (long or short), landing pages, and funnels including email campaigns
  • Design tailored teaching and training material (ebooks, worksheets, PPTs, and other resources)
  • Note: If you’re an author, we also offer developmental and technical editing services!

How can we help with your project?

Client Success Stories

“Laura Jackson Loo is a consummate professional. She is insightful, creative, talented and a joy to work with. Laura takes the time to truly understand who you are, and what your mission is. She is not satisfied until it is right. As a result, helps you create messages that are crystal clear, concise and powerful. Known as the Confidence Catalyst, I had tried working with several others, and no one came close. I recommend Laura wholeheartedly!”

~ Diann A., Ventura, CA


“With the Covid mandatory shutdown of my business, Laura enabled me to create online options that kept income flowing until reopening. We were quickly able to reopen with our full pre-pandemic staff, and business is flourishing with a 17% increase in sales compared to a year ago.”

~ Melody E., San Antonio, TX


“I’m so grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Laura. She is extremely genuine in her approach, 100% present in every session and helped me gain clarity and insight into my target audience, vision and mission with my Coaching Business. I would recommend Laura to anyone looking for guidance personally or professionally.”

~ Lori J., Nashville, TN


“Wow, I accelerated the process of working on my business with Laura. I got so much from a one-hour session, that I feel by myself would have taken 6 months! It is incredible!”

~ Lalifatou B., Gaithersburg, MD 


“I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Laura Jackson Loo and continue to be delighted and amazed by her expertise and delivery. She held a strategic planning meeting for a dysfunctional nonprofit and turned the whole experience into something positive for every participant, with a road map as follow-through. She has stayed engaged to ensure priorities are met, even gave herself tasks to perform, and continues to lead the Board and interested volunteers to “move their mission forward.”

I would highly recommend Laura’s skillset for any nonprofit, at whatever level of growth, to help prioritize and energize all aspects to make a successful Board.”

~ Col Rebecca B., USAF (Ret), Hampton, VA


“As an Uncommon Leadership Strategist, being so close to my own content, I can lose sight of what my audience really needs to hear in order to be inspired to take action. 

Laura has helped me create new and clarify existing copy for a number of projects and she has a true gift. Using powerful intuition, she is a master at crafting just the right messages to support my overall mission and compel readers to engage.

Easy to work with, and a collaborative, heart-centered partner, Laura’s process starts with the big picture – listening for the unique value of the offer and the true connection I ultimately wish to make. She then takes the view of the ideal client and clears a path for them with copy designed to convert.

The end result every time is an authentic expression of my passion, my mission, and of the connection I want to make with the people I most want to serve.”

~ Julie Q., West Boylston, MA


About Laura

Laura Jackson Loo is a Messaging Strategist, international speaker, 3x international #1 best-selling author, executive mentor, and Life Transformed™ Certified Coach. And she is founder of Quantum Communications, LLC and New Paradigm Publishing, LLC, and creator of M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model.

Laura is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives deliver their expert services and powerful messaging skillfully and masterfully. She supports her clients in reaching their goals and fulfilling their mission by clarifying and synthesizing strategic messaging solutions.

Bringing all of her messaging, coaching, and speaking expertise together, Laura combines 35+ years of strategic messaging, professional speaking, and leadership expertise to support her clients in unlocking their potential and delivering powerful messaging to move their mission forward.

Laura will help you clarify, synthesize, and master your message, enabling you to deliver it powerfully and in a way that fully embodies your expertise, confidence, and value.

In a busy world full of ordinary messages,
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