About Us

Outstanding Experience

Quantum Communications, LLC  was founded by Laura Jackson Loo, originally operating as Action Solutions. Based on decades of expertise and client successes, Quantum Communications, LLC has catalyzed all forms of messaging, communication, and advocacy.

Quantum Communications, LLC operates in a unique fashion, based on M.O.V.E. the Mission™ Model, created by Laura Jackson Loo. While there are fundamental operating principles, the key to its success is built upon inviting ‘all the talent to the table’ and aligning the mission, strategy, and action steps to carry organizations into greater service.


Operating Principles

Laura shares new ‘operating principles’ that carry businesses into the 21st century, allowing them to be of greater service to members, stakeholders, and global audiences. It’s about moving their mission forward to create positive global solutions.


Operating Styles

  • Operating with a collaborative and strategic methodology
  • Opening to out-of-the-box, creative solutions
  • Harnessing and growing your in-house talent and innovations
  • Embracing and growing your financial bottom based on your organizational genius
  • Adopting flexibility in your approaches based on a rapidly-changing world


Laura Jackson Loo has been an international speaker, international best-selling author, message strategist, expert advocate, and public relations professional since the early 1990’s. Her background spans all facets of mission development, messaging strategy, and laser-focused advocacy across multiple disciplines with a special focus on the nonprofit sector.

Laura brings a comprehensive background in message and mission development, gap analysis, strategies for tapping inhouse talent, and simple techniques to create a stronger foundation for your organization. Her expertise spans 35+ years of leadership development, strategic messaging, and nonprofit expertise.

As a professional musician for more decades than she cares to admit, with in-depth experience in nonprofit leadership and Board development, Laura has first-hand experience in the arts, music and nonprofit arenas.

Laura has been a public speaker for over 20 years. Speaking internationally, she presents on diverse topics, and offers multimedia presentations and training to a variety of enthusiastic audiences. Laura has been a featured guest online, on radio shows, and on television.


Laura Jackson Loo can be your ‘voice’

  • Advocate
  • Message Strategist
  • Facilitator / Trainer
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Strategic Thinker
  • PR Specialist 


Our Services

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